A1 TYPE – for flat bottom beehives, requires placement of 5 mm spacers under back corners.
A2 TYPE – for varroa bottom beehives, with spacer insert.


B1 TYPE – for beehives with backboard holders.

Advantages of our scales:

    • Autumn: Feed all colonies for correct and approximately same weight.
    • Spring: Check reserves and save strongest (i.e. most consuming) colonies from starvation.

    • Summer: Identify swarmed or robbed colonies.

    • During honey flow: Find colonies to harvest earlier or more than once.

    • Buying our scale will be paid back by savings on feed and preventing winter loss.

  • On vacated hives, use the spring to set the scale to zero in order to consequently weigh only bees and reserves.

Our scale is an ideal solution for beekeepers eager to know the changes in hive weight.

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